Going hybrid with AV – why flexible workspaces are here to stay

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the office… It seems we’ve all been there lately or, at least, had tried to get there. But, if Covid-19 has taught us one thing, it's that we’re becoming increasingly resilient to change. We’re learning to adapt to sudden shifts in working patterns and workplaces, complying with distancing guidelines as we go and taking ‘agile working’ to new and increasingly virtual levels.

The result is the emergence of a new hybrid way of working that’s fusing flexibility with structure, independence with collaboration. Indeed, as Commco demonstrates, with the right AV technology and support, the transition to a remote/office model can prove so painless it looks set to stay long into the post-Covid world.

But how easy is it to implement a flexible, hybrid working model that will serve you as safely, efficiently and cost-effectively today as it will for the long haul as our collab culture continues to evolve?

Commco is leading the hybrid-working charge by devising versatile, scalable AV solutions for customers who want to bring their teams together safely and support a new generation of flexible working without compromising performance, credibility or investment value. Certainly, this is an approach that will play to the strengths of organisations faced with crunching numbers and space, but who can’t afford to lose the enterprise grade interaction their people and partners expect.

Having the right tech, tools and support in your armoury is key to going hybrid

The Commco solution integrates intelligent conferencing, collaboration and meeting tools and technologies into existing client AV and IT infrastructures and supports them with a powerful 360-degree managed service wrap. It gives an always-on, always-ready edge to organisations who want flexible, protected on-site and remote AV workspaces – regardless of the scale of their sites or team numbers. It’s designed to eliminate the fragmentation, distance and stress associated with our new way of working and deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings, boosting productivity and morale in the process.

Collaboration is at the centre of the Commco flexible workspace proposition with professional plug-and-play USB devices, BYOD and the latest enterprise meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, working seamlessly at home and integrated effortlessly into traditional video conferencing environments and modern flexible workspaces. Add the increasing alignment of AV and IT systems and ITIL practices into the mix and cloud-based infrastructures are now far more relevant to, and compatible with, a safe, secure remote/office workstyle. It’s also reassuring to know that as AV and IT spaces continue to converge, Commco has partnered with Utilize, a leading managed IT technology provider, to underpin the robustness and security of its services.

So, with distanced face-to-face interactions covered with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom rooms et al, the challenge now is to ensure our boardrooms, conference rooms and informal meeting spaces are equipped and up to the job of facilitating more accommodating, efficient and supported collaboration.

Belt-and-braces AV support that’s tailored to suit every AV workspace

This is where Commco’s AV managed services platform comes into its own. Its 360-degree end-to-end AV customer service solution is designed to bolster and support AV infrastructures with safe, secure AV management, monitoring and control alongside an intelligent virtual support space and live video helpdesk.

This is a godsend for organisations who want bookable, low-touch meeting spaces for their on-site teams with virtual concierge, troubleshooting and occupancy services to facilitate collaborations as easily for those who can’t or simply don’t need to get to site.

Commco’s RemoteLink room control delivers operational assistance across AV estates with intuitive room booking, occupancy monitoring, fault detection, data analytics and AV asset management that puts safety and support first. It works in harmony with physical meeting spaces to create hygienic, voice-enabled and safe-distanced environments that can be sanitised easily and ready for the next on-site participants.

All equipment and room diagnostics are provided virtually via the HelpLink concierge – an industry-first, virtual reception-to-lobby-to space style support solution that keeps frontline staff safe and removes the strain on the IT department. Immediate access to video, voice or text chat is provided via NFC and QR-code while a customised web portal offers an instant link to room layouts, training documents, video library, forms and surveys and room control. Easy to configure and deploy, HelpLink doesn’t even require an internal network as the initial connection can be made quickly over a 3G/4G network. For added security, a user can connect to a local private network before accessing the portal.

Both HelpLink and RemoteLink are integrated within Commco’s FlexiCare service and support programme. Alongside analytics and reporting, training and manufacturer support, FlexiCare offers a dedicated customer portal and personal account manager to give a seamless, bespoke support platform. Asset and inventory management, preventative maintenance and an on-site technician complete FlexiCare’s belt-and-braces cover, which is naturally tailored to fit all shapes and scales of AV investment.

When it comes to optimising the AV workspace, Commco’s experience with integrated AV solutions makes for a compelling conversation with businesses who want to optimise their AV technologies and spaces to support flexible working and the hybrid model – and keep their total cost of ownership low. In fact, with finance in mind, and thanks to Commco’s AVaaS (Audio Visual as a Service) solution, you can even enjoy all the technology, hardware and support you need to go flexible for a single, low cost monthly payment – and save your cash for other operational expenses.

It’s easy to see that, whether staff are working on site, at home or within a co-working space, the devices and hardware, technologies and expert support are all there to make the transition to a more fluid, yet equally dynamic way of working together. With the right strategy and a forward-thinking AV technology partner on side, flexible workspaces and hybrid workstyles can mean a more efficient, cohesive operational model that works for everyone now and long into the post-Covid world.

If you’d like to know more about future-proofing your workspace to accommodate a more flexible hybrid working arrangement, contact Commco and we’ll talk you through your options.