What’s driving the business case for Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS)?

The CapEx/OpEx argument has long dominated the conversation when it comes to big-ticket purchasing but, with SaaS (as a Service) models for everything from Netflix to global ERP platforms leading the cultural shift that IT has chosen to follow, the move to bring a everything-AV on board isn’t just inevitable – it’s happening.

The as-a-Service approach is as tried and trusted as it is flexible and cost-effective. Lower capital expenditure, tax efficiencies, lower fixed costs, reduced risk, scalability: the benefits are well-documented. Set them against the rigid contractual structure of a CapEx model with its substantial upfront costs, asset depreciation and intractable hardware/service budgeting and it’s not hard to see why the Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) concept delivers so much appeal.

The time for AVaaS is now

Top of the wants when it comes to the AVaaS is flexibility – financial as much as asset management traction. Whilst the advent of coronavirus has forced finance departments to reign in and revisit what were once expenditure staples, the utilisation of IT as a managed service and its increasing integration and alliance with AV departments has already gathered momentum for today’s sharpest tech buyers.

In essence, AVaaS delivers financial sustainability, flexible technology and hardware deployment and a powerful 360-degree service wrap that’s packaged within a predictable monthly payment. All this at a time when volatility and uncertainty have become ubiquitous parlance and it’s clear there’s never been a better time to embrace AVaaS. Certainly, the ability to use readily accessible cash on sales and lead generation, R&D and critical operational expenses in times like these make AVaaS an invaluable proposition.

How does AVaaS work?

Commco specialises in AV integration, collaboration and communication systems with a raft of bespoke, end-to-end support services that are changing the way organisations manage and interact with their AV assets. The Commco AVaaS model redefines this approach to AV investment and highlights the need to move to a more tailored, robust service provision.

Commco’s FlexiCare program is driving the holistic AVaaS charge, designing it to incorporate flexible technology support solutions and workplace strategies that make it easy to swap-out, upgrade and transform hardware assets as business circumstances and environments change. Flexible and hybrid working models that will dominate our workplaces of the future are particularly suited to the AVaaS approach.

This is coupled with Commco’s managed services in the form of a wraparound support solution that will protect the AV investment and maximise ROI for tech consumers. Indeed, this is where Commco’s AVaaS concept gets very exciting as Dan Phillpot, Managing Director at Commco, explains.

‘AV users are increasingly looking to invest in more versatile, scalable room environments with the right equipment and support, but without the ownership risk or capital outlay,’ he reveals. ‘These spaces, such as fast-track collaboration and flexible AV spaces for example, need to be adaptive and accommodate changing operational scenarios whilst keeping costs low, ROI high and options to upgrade fast when necessary.

‘Regardless of size of AV estate, we’re seeing more calls for more standardised room types and technology configurations that realise the economies of scale and are easily serviceable – deliver that alongside our FlexiCare support solution and we have an AVaaS model that represents real value and sound financial sense.’

Support – AVaaS style

Commco’s inclusion of FlexiCare within its AVaaS model gives AV users access to a suite of support programmes that’s packaged as a tailored, end-to-end support solution. It offers a dedicated customer portal with personal account manager and on-site technician, analytics and reporting, asset and inventory management, preventative maintenance, training and user adoption and dependable manufacturer support.

However, in terms of the AVaaS model, what’s most welcome is access to Commco’s leading HelpLink and RemoteLink support services. HelpLink is an instant, on-site virtual support space and live video helpdesk platform while RemoteLink delivers invaluable remote device management, room booking and monitoring, fault detection and control.

The result is a powerful, all-embracing support service that complements the IT resource and is included within the same single, low cost monthly or annual payment as the technology and hardware investment – and that fluid, multifaceted offering is what AVaaS really stands for.

Money talks

In terms of the financials, the benefits undoubtedly secure the AVaaS business case. Reduced CapEx, fixed costs, minimised ownership risk and tax efficiencies aside, the as-a-Service concept brings rapid scalability in the form of technology refreshes and hardware swap-outs, contract breaks for technical reviews, relief on existing agreements and unity with IT hardware and servicing spend.

Commco’s leasing provision is delivered seamlessly by some of the UK’s most respected funders, notably those with experience of the AV/IT space and all offering excellent rates and commercial terms.

The as-a-Service business case made, the next step towards realising the advantages and opportunities for operational sustainability, flexible technology and hardware adoption and a 360-degree service wrap is to talk to Commco about being part of the AVaaS journey.

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