Your remote device management, monitoring and control system

RemoteLink™ is an intelligent, non-proprietary control, management and monitoring system, with in-built analytics and reporting for all your AV devices, wherever they are located.

The system is hardware agnostic; incorporating open architecture and open standards software that can sit side by side with other enterprise platforms and tools, and which provides unrivalled intelligence and operational insight across your entire AV estate. In addition, RemoteLink™ incorporates room booking, occupancy monitoring, and fault detection systems, all of which are easy to set up and configure.

What does every organisation need from a management, monitoring and control platform?

The system is designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide outstanding user experience. While you rely on accurate, real time data to make key decisions, the system applies intelligence to predict and automate preventive maintenance; providing room or device alerts with corresponding analytics.

RemoteLink™ makes it easy to deploy meeting spaces and devices, maintain robust performance, and offers scalability to ensure enhanced productivity, with a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Consistency and ease of use, is key to user adoption
  • Update and automate your processes to reduce operational costs
  • Understand the usage and occupancy of your facilities via live data and intelligent analytics