Direct View LED solutions are the next step in digital display technology ensuring that your message is delivered with impact and vibrancy. Long life and low maintenance, these displays are built for outstanding reliability and are a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Renowned for high-quality, high-bright image representations, direct view LED can deliver video and multiple sources of live data on a large physical scale up to Ultra High Definition (UHD).

We understand that no two digital display requirements are alike, and this display technology can be a great alternative to traditional projection and large format display technology. No matter what the size or shape, creative and bespoke canvases can become a reality. Direct view LED is a flat panel display that ranges in different sized cabinets containing an array of LEDs. By joining together multiple cabinets, a larger custom canvas can be constructed, up to native from native HD and up to native UHD resolutions to create one seamless display canvas of digital content that will make your message unmissable.

Direct View LED offers superior image quality for professional displays. With its slim panel depth, blending discreetly into any environment, this technology is a perfect fit for boardrooms, large meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, auditoria, retail, front of house and customer experience centres.

Technology Benefits

  • Seamless display canvas
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • HD and 4K UHD and bespoke resolutions
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • High brightness and vivid colours

Featured Product

Samsung IF015H 1.5mm Pitch

  • HDR technology for maximum brightness and colour representation
  • Energy efficient and low maintenance
  • 160 degree viewing angle
  • 100,000 hours LED lifetime